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Slow Down, Live Intentionally



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My name is Sophie and I create content about slow living and minimalism.

Living in Hawai'i,  I learned the importance of slowing down and appreciating all the simple joys in life. Not living for tomorrow or chasing an ideal, but to accept the moment that is right in front of us and live it to the fullest. These humble moments are what make life so precious, and by placing a greater emphasis on them, there is a deeper sense of gratitude and fulfillment. This is the core of my slow living and minimalism lifestyle.

I started my YouTube channel in June 2020 to share my slow living experience and minimalism journey. It's been truly amazing to be able to connect with so many others from all around the world who are also seeking to live a slower and minimal lifestyle in this fast paced, materialistic world.

Malama Life  is my corner of the web where I will share minimalism and slow living lifestyle tips and resources: slow cooking, ethical fashion & beauty, capsule wardrobe ideas, decluttering tips, minimalist finances...etc. I am excited to share more of my stories, lessons I've learned, changes in my life in hopes of  encouraging others to also live life on their own terms. No matter how ordinary or simple.



Mālama - to take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, protect

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