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My name is Sophie and I run a lifestyle channel dedicated to slow living and minimalism. 


The core message of my slow living and minimalism content is to encourage others to live life more intentionally by slowing down and paying attention to the simple joys of life: the morning cup of coffee, a long walk in nature, a cold shower on a hot summer day. By placing a greater emphasis on these small moments that are often overlooked, I believe we can go through life with a deeper sense of gratitude and fulfillment. Instead of chasing happiness, we can live it. 


Malama Life is my corner of the web where I will share minimalism and slow living lifestyle tips and resources: slow cooking, ethical fashion & beauty, capsule wardrobe ideas, decluttering checklists...the list goes on. I'm excited to share more of my story and experience through all different mediums and I'm truly grateful to you for following along. 



Mālama - to take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, protect

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