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What's in my bag

My everyday bag is simple. I carry my keys, phone, wallet, doggy bags, and lip balm

However, when I go out to shoot for my videos, I make sure to go through my checklist of the things I need because I'm usually out and about all day. So here is an example of what I pack.

Disclaimer: Some of these are affiliate links. This means that I will get a commission if you choose to purchase using these links. I appreciate your support!

Straw Bag (similar): I love that this bag is sturdy with leather handles because it has to handle the weight of my camera. I found this one in Portugal, and since I cannot find the same one, here is something similar.

Card Wallet: I've had this for a couple of years and I love it. Since I don't carry cash with me, this is enough. Also, I love Parker Clay. I've worked with them in the past, and they are wonderful!

Doggy bag: this is super handy for all the dog moms/dads out there.

Bose wireless earphones: I love listening to music when I'm out filming, so this is always in my bag.

Sanitizer : I actually don't like the one I showed in the video (from 356 brand), but I got it for free so I'm using it up. The one I'm linking is much better in my opinion.

Banana lip balm: This makes my lips look so plump and smell like bananas! A winner.

Scrunchie: I got this scrunchie from a local boutique. There is no brand, but I tried to find something similar for you

Pen: I write A LOT, so I'm particular about pens. This one is so good and light. Not going to lie, I wish I could buy them in all colors.

Inspo Notebook: You cannot go wrong with moleskin notebooks. I have this just in case I get new video ideas or come across a random thought :)

Sunglasses: I thrifted these sunglasses, then found them at Nordstrom for even cheaper!! Oh well. I never buy expensive sunglasses because I'm always dropping them or losing them, so this one is great.

Vlogging Camera: the classic vlogging camera. I don't vlog, but this camera is great for capturing the "moment." I love the size and quality.

Lens: this lens is heavy, so I don't always bring it with me. But I definitely should include it more! It captures beauty on a whole other level.

Sony camera: My main camera. I don't go anywhere without it.

Water bottle: it's not a Stanely. It's better! quite pricey from Target, but I use this every single day, so it's worth it.


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