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My Low Buy Challenge 2022

What is a Low Buy Challenge?

It’s a challenge to cut back on any unnecessary spending from your budget. You can make your own rules, depending on your values and lifestyle, but the whole purpose is to make more conscious and mindful decisions whenever you choose to buy something.

My "why" for this challenge

I asked myself, "What kind of person do I want to be and does my spending truly align with that new identity?"

In the past, I would mindlessly scroll for new cute pieces, to see what was missing in my closet, constantly thought about what I wanted to buy next, depended on retail therapy to boost my mood. But now, I want to redirect that money to invest in my wellbeing, fitness, education, cool experiences, to support a cause I believe in, and to have fun.

My Low Buy Rules

  1. First I’m creating a $300 budget for clothes

  2. Eating out is ok once a week

  3. Use what I have

  4. Only replace empty products (beauty and toiletries)

  5. No Buy for unhealthy food and snacks

  6. Keep a wish list

  7. Buy Second hand or support brands who are making changes

  8. Investments in my happiness is ok

How will I achieve this?

1. A year is too long, so I’m breaking it down into monthly challenges.

Every month, I’m going to review my spending to track my progress and see what I need to adjust.

2. Have an accountability partner.

For me, I’m keeping myself accountable by posting on my personal channel about my low buy journey, so I guess You are my accountability partner.

3. Eliminate temptations

I need to do another digital declutter to unfollow certain accounts, unsubscribe from brands, remove my credit card information, and block certain websites.

4. Fill my time with other things

Like I mentioned instead of shopping or just browsing, I’m working on a lot of different goals this year.

5. Revisiting my WHY often

Whether it’s a financial goal, personal goal or just to challenge yourself, the overarching why will help guide us through the year.


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